25 June 2008

Make it so, Joe

Apparently... I mean, who knew... there are good guns and bad guns.

-- TORONTO -- The day after the city okayed a plan prohibiting shooting ranges, gun clubs and firearms promotion on city property, some Toronto officials were scrambling to fashion a compromise to protect the Sportsmen's Show.

Allowing the annual show, with its displays honouring the "shooting sports," to continue at city-owned Exhibition Place, argued Councillor David Shiner, would be inexcusable.

"We want to ban all guns, but the deputy mayor (Joe Pantalone) wants to support a show that highlights the sale of guns because it's at Exhibition Place?"

"We're being hypocritical here on council," Shiner said yesterday.
The deputy-mayor was quick to, er... return fire...
Pantalone insists the five-day show will go ahead in March 2009.

"In our opinion, anything we do to control guns locally will not compromise them because their show is basically kosher.

"There's no handguns, no rifles on the premises, no ammunition for either one of those. Those are facts," Pantalone said.
Of course, that's total horseshit.
In fact, there are rifles at the annual show.

Ray Sriubiskis of Canadian National Sportsmen's Shows, which runs the Toronto event, confirmed rifles are on display and for sale to qualified buyers.
Maybe they should reconsider banning stupidity within city limits.


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JA Goneaux said...

Joey Pants has a definite problem with reality:


alan said...

Lil' Joe must also believe there are no boats at the Boat Show, no gay men in the Pride parade, no fireworks on Canada Day, and no naivety at Toronto City Council.

Pretty soon Lil' Joe will be lobbying to have the name changed to the "Sportsperson Show".

langmann said...

All my reasons to go to Toronto keep declining...

All my reasons to move to Texas keep increasing...

neo says: "Maybe they should reconsider banning stupidity within city limits."

If they did that then Dan Miller wouldn't be allowed in his own city, in addition to the idiots who vote for him. And I don't know about you, neo, but I don't need them living near me.

Anonymous said...

Display personnel will be arrested and charged accordingly.

Neo Conservative said...

i dunno... this just really reminds me... of something...