18 June 2008

"A planned and deliberate act"

Yeah, sure... why don't you just "show me the honour" here...

Before 16-year-old Aqsa Parvez even stepped inside her family's Mississauga home last December, Peel Regional Police now believe, there was a plan to kill her.

And yesterday they went before the court to upgrade the original second-degree murder charge against her father to first-degree.
A little background.


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The Toronto District School Board has a new Urban Diversity Strategy. Apparently, they've decided to dump all the blame on those ignorant, "insensitive teachers."
But instead of recommending special programs tailored for children of various high-risk groups – Portuguese children, for example, or those from Somalia or Afghanistan – the staff suggests helping all teachers be more sensitive to the challenges diversity can bring.


Anonymous said...

The education system steadfastly refuses to address the social problems affecting schools so blaming teachers or a full moon is as good a strategy as any.

Neo Conservative said...

funny how the board doesn't ever take any responsibility for any of this.