25 June 2008

If you're really concerned about...

...saving lives in Ontario, then tasers should be way, way down the list...

Premier Dalton McGuinty and the Liberal government are putting lives at risk by covering up the extent of the deadly C. difficile outbreak in Ontario hospitals, the province's opposition parties charged Tuesday.

There have been at least 264 deaths at seven Ontario hospitals since 2006 from C. difficile, a drug-resistant bacteria that spreads in health-care institutions.
So why are the McGuinty Liberals trying to play down this situation? Even the Ontario Ombudsman is concerned enough to want to get a piece of this.
Ombudsman Andre Marin asked for the power to investigate families' complaints about C. difficile deaths at Ontario hospitals in his annual report issued last week, and said his office "would have been all over" the outbreak much earlier on if he had the authority.

Marin, who called C. difficile a tragedy, questioned the government's hesitancy and suggested it was "trying to contain perhaps an embarrassing situation."
But that doesn't seem to concern the Premier and his political pals...
The government has rejected all calls for an inquiry, saying it learned enough from a coroner's review into C. difficile deaths in Sault Ste. Marie.

Health Minister David Caplan was not available Tuesday to comment on the C. difficile outbreak and the charges of a government cover-up.
I don't get it.


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The father of an Ontario man who died in police custody after being hit by a stun gun says he is angry that a taser was used on his son.

"I'm mad ... Did they have to use that taser thing?" Noel Marreel asked yesterday.
And answered...
The father said his son had been in trouble with the law before. "He was not an easy child. He's been on drugs off and on since he was 16. You name it, I think he's tried them," he said.

"He'd be good for a while and the downward spiral would start. Then he'd be going to jail and I would be bailing him out."


Anonymous said...

Good point neo...and as a hospital employee, I'll give you my idea why Dalton and Smitherman and anyone else involved in so-called health won't 'go there'.
Nurse's once again are over worked, overstressed by management focusing on micromanaging details instead of patient care. I don't know any nurse who would risk her patients life with poor hygiene. However, you combine fatigue, and stress and '**it happens'.

Our hospital is continually hiring new management and administration...and patient care is at the bottom of the list.

It is much easier to focus on the media manipulation of tasers to please the socialist anti-police crowd.They are so concerned about the numbers of taser-victims, but has anyone asked how many cops and civilians lives have been saved by the use of tasers?Or how many times a cop was thankful that he could use the taser, instead of pulling the gun?

langmann said...

Where I worked for the last couple of years I lived in mortal fear for my patients regarding C diff. Too many people experienced prolonged stays or premature deaths due to it.

But seriously, Neo, can you remember a time when this present Liberal government ever solved anything or even did anything substantial?

They won't target this significant problem because that would involve innovative thought and intelligence instead of making big pronouncements and loud speeches, setting up useless commissions lead by ex. useless Liberals to ignore the problem while it festers, or the targeting of scapegoats such as legal gun owners. Currently I am the scapegoat as every night David Suzuki is on TV telling me I waste energy while the coal plants burn on with no real plan in sight.

No what will happen is that this problem will blow up into epic proportions, the Liberals will come out in full force of speeches and pronouncements and then slink off into hiding while better people work to find a solution.

Neo Conservative said...

anon, langmann... thank you both for a peek behind the curtain.

unfortunately, this situation will only get worse as the boomers retire in exponentially-increasing numbers.

and, as he has done with the power generation situation, dalton fiddles while ontario burns.


Anonymous said...

China covers up disease outbreaks, Dalton must be following his socialist buddies in that respect.

Tasers are an attempt to gently deal with violent criminals instead of just shooting them dead, they were meant to please the 'progressive' morons who hate the police no matter what they do.

Tasers are another piece of kit that cops have to drag around so why not get rid of them, shooting criminals dead makes good sense, even violent idiots aren't stupid, if they know they'll be shot dead there will be less of them but it's the choice they make.

Neo Conservative said...

hey, here's a thought... when's the last time you heard of anybody volunteering for a taste of 9mm hardball?

yeah... that's what i thought.


sexy11 said...