28 June 2008

Those darn kids, huh?

The inevitable result of all the liberal yip-yap about flooding cities with social workers to solve all our problems... you know, like safe-injection sites and legalising drugs...

Toronto police officers seized more than $126,000 in illegal drugs and charged two men with trafficking during a raid on a fraternity house near the University of Toronto late Friday.

Uniform and plainclothes officers had to force their way into the Delta Kappa Epsilon Alpha Phi house when the occupants refused to answer the door, police said. Some tried to escape out a back door but were nabbed by officers waiting outside.

Police seized more than $126,000-worth of Ketamine and cocaine as well as a psilocybin, better known as "magic mushroom."

UPDATE: Scummy details float to the surface
The fraternity seeks to add something extra to the U of T experience, said the website: "It is accurate to say that the social and personal skills learned here are not taught in class. `Deke' helps sculpt well-rounded gentlemen, scholars, and jolly good fellows."

Yong Park, 21, a current student at U of T, faces drug possession charges. Wasseem Malleye, 29, a graduate of the university, is charged with drug and weapons offences. They appeared in court yesterday morning.

LAST WORD: So much for "victimless" crime
York Regional Police are investigating the sudden death of a woman inside an all-ages rave club this morning.

Police were called to Club Rio on Woodbine Ave. in Markham after security guards found a 21-year-old woman lying unconscious in the club, at around 4:30 a.m. She wasn’t breathing and security guards could not find a pulse.

“She was left to die at the back of a club,” said Det. Const. Jim Woodcock, adding that she was frothing at the mouth when she was found.


Lemon said...

Delta House raided? John Belushi is rolling (so to speak) in his grave.

Neo Conservative said...

what's the big deal here, huh?

just another generation of canadian entrepreneurs.


Anonymous said...

Slightly relaated:
The gob and flail has a so-called opinion piece by John Barber.He has his knickers in a knot because Mike Harris dared to say publicly that Miller has messed up Toronto...and Barber still wants to blame Harris for EVERYTHING...


Neo Conservative said...

yup, good ol' mayor miller.

target ranges where olympic shooters practice... that's toronto's real problem.