14 June 2008

Of course... dismissing the question...

Isn't actually the same thing... as saying "no"...

Reporters later asked McGuinty if that flexibility could include tax hikes to offset dropping government revenues, and got an uncharacteristically snippy response.

The premier loudly asked why anyone would raise taxes in a time of economic challenge, insisting that "not even the NDP support that."
Ooooh, Dalton... that's really hittin' below the belt...
McGuinty seems to dislike questions about tax hikes after breaking a promise not to raise taxes in his first term by introducing a new health care premium of up to $900 for every Ontario worker.

He called reporters silly for daring to raise the issue.


Anonymous said...

McGuinty is a Liar.

Neo Conservative said...

but it really doesn't seem to bother all the "urban sheeple"... does it?


langmann said...

Of course a "carbon tax" won't be a real tax... just a "shift". Once they see how easily the thing snuck through in British Columbia I am sure they'll be trying it out here.

Neo Conservative said...

a billion here, a billion there... pretty soon you're talkin' real money.


Anonymous said...

Gordon Campbell did not sneak the tax through, the SOB used his majority to ram it through, right before the session closed. Rumours are flying that he is "concerned", as is Carole Taylor, that this has taken their polling numbers to an all-time low, and still sinking. He can't sink fast or far enough for me.

Anonymous said...

I'm with anonymous on this one. I have voted for the right of centre party in every election since VanderZaam's social credit days.
Gordon Campbell was doing a fairly competent job of running the show out here until he "won" the 2010 winter olympics. He needs bales of taxpayer cash, but how can he get it without admitting the games is a money pit?
Globull Warming! Thank Gore!..er, I mean, Thank God!
So Gordo hops on the climate change bandwagon with the Save The Planet Revenue Neutral Carbon Tax Scam.. Er, I mean, Scheme.
Better ram it through quick before everybody realizes man made global warming/cimate change is a giant fraud.
There isn't a whole lot that people like me can do about it except give my vote to another party or, failing that, just stay home on election day. Either way the B.C. Liberals have lost my support.


Rich said...


Heh! From the article.
"They call it cap and trade, but it's just another fuel TAX

Scheme to trade CO2 emissions nothing more than an attack on consumers' pocketbooks"