14 June 2008

More hypocritical "smoke and mirrors"...

From Toronto Mayor David Miller...

A "shocked" and "infuriated" Mayor David Miller offered condolences on behalf of the entire city to the grieving families of Thursday's double murder while again renewing his call for a nationwide handgun ban.

"Like everyone, I was shocked to hear the news of (Thursday) night's shooting."
Gee, Mr Mayor... I can't understand why... I mean, shouldn't you still be "shocked and infuriated" over the double shooting the that occurred downtown on Wednesday?

Or does your outrage have a 24 hour shelf life.

The fact is, murders in "Toronto the Good" were up 20% in 2007, up from 70 in 2006 to 84 last year. And... your war on gun clubs notwithstanding... the shooters and indeed the lions share of the shootees, come from the same demographic as they did the year before... and the year before.

And guess what, 'yer blondeness'... it's already illegal to walk around armed in public, and yes... shoot people. You're gonna make it, what... more illegal?

So spare us all "your shock"... and start to address the actual problem. Let's get the cops out there in force and sweep problem areas for guns and drugs.

Put the thugs in jail, and hey... try to keep them there.

Because your "shock" isn't worth a bucket of warm spit... especially to the families of Dylan Ellis and Oliver Martin.


UPDATE: Batter up!!!
Toronto recorded its third gun death in three days with the shooting death of a man in the west end -- just one of several gun incidents overnight.

The shooting occurred in the Jane Street and Woolner Avenue area (north of St. Clair Ave.) around 1:30 a.m. Sunday. The victim, a man in his early 20s and the city's 26th homicide victim of 2008, was pronounced dead in hospital.

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Or even your latest electrical bill...
The $75-million cash injection the city will pocket from the $200-million sale of Toronto Hydro's telecom arm to Cogeco will be used to help fix public housing, Mayor David Miller said yesterday.

Miller said the money will be enough to cover the work required for 25% of the community housing repair backlog. Toronto Community Housing has an estimated repair backlog of $300 million to $350 million.

LAST WORD: So, you take 300 million taxpayer dollars...

...and build another Regent Park.
In what almost seems like a bad turn out of Rio de Janiero or New York in The Bonfires of the Vanities days, the three kids from uptown Toronto seemed to be on the wrong block at the wrong time.

Until recently, prostitutes, dealers and petty thieves lurked in this area, residents say, swiftly adding that the area has changed dramatically for the better.

POSTSCRIPT: Yet another link from Canadian Cynic

Hey pal... you still sleepin' 'UNDER' your bed?



Anonymous said...

Blacks are a MENACE to the GTA. Majority of crimes are committed by them, They are uncivilized,uneducated and always looking for a fight.

Neo Conservative said...

"race-baiter and warman licker anon says... Majority of crimes are committed by them"

and i say... no...you're wrong... race isn't the issue here.

and i've just been over this elsewhere on the blog so i'll reprint what i wrote there...

what i write about is "culture"... not race... culture that, in too many cases, seemingly promotes violence, misogyny and personal lack of responsibility... mostly, i might add, to other members of the "so-called communities" involved.

what i will say is that i despise politically correct posturing, which is mostly about an unwillingness to address indisputable facts, or to refuse to call things by their actual names.

to deny that there is a huge social dislocation in many of toronto's ethnic communities is sheer madness. to deny that there is an epidemic of young black men killing other young black men... serves no one, least of all young black men, in those communities.

pretending the problem doesn't exist is insane. the crazies are out there... and, thank the fates, (and our fleeing toronto, years back) they aren't gunnin' for my kid.

but they have other kids in their sights... don't they?

it's a big, important distinction.

at least it is for me, cc.


Neo Conservative said...

and... another timely example...

"Police said they were told that hundreds of people attended the party, but they fled after the shooting and before police arrived. Police said they have received only limited information about the attack and are appealing for anyone who saw the crime to come forward."

the sort of omerta that would make tony soprano proud.

it's the culture, stupid.