03 June 2008

Just back from Toronto

Missed dropping in on Lee Valley Tools... (in my opinion, one of the city's few redeeming features) but I'll catch up next week when I return to wire up the father-in-law's new ceramic-top stove.

Getting rid of "Electrosaurus" is a huge victory for Mrs. Neo and myself. The elements were in various states of decay... and I'm sure lights dimmed all over North York every time her Dad turned it on. He was up here with us celebrating his 85th birthday... and we mounted a relentless (octagenarians and two year-old's being some of the least flexible people on the planet) campaign to force the big switch.

Mrs. N's father got the old behemoth from his own father as a wedding present some 54 years ago... so, of course, it's hardwired and weighs almost as much as a Volkswagen. Gotta conjure up some faded memories of highschool electrical shop... 'cos these babies pull the Big Juice... as opposed to that pissant "yip, flinch & spin" 110v.

Anyway... it's been a long day... but one thing I absolutely have to do is catch up the Sockpuppet Sleighride.


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-- 9:53 AM -- "I remain impressed with Steyn’s ability to influence opinion even in advance of publication. I admit this seems implausible."

"However, we must always remember, good people of Salem, that when when it comes to witches, all things are possible, natural and supernatural."
Ezra fills in some gaps.



Cool Blue said...

There's Lee Valley in Ottawa too; the original store if I'm not mistaken.

Neo Conservative said...

yup... 2 hours east AND west of me.

it's like the "tool gods" are messin' with my head.