10 June 2008

Farmers, deer hunters...

And yes, Mr. Mayor... target shooters... totally off the hook, YET AGAIN...

Mubin Shaikh, the first witness to appear in the much publicized Toronto terrorism case, appeared poised and confident as he described an alleged conspirator showing him a gun loaded with “cop killer” bullets within hours of meeting them.

“He takes out a round and shows me the hollowed out point and says "See these are cop killers,” he testified.

Mr. Shaikh said the conversation took place at a Nov. 27, 2005, banquet-hall rally for Muslim prisoners, which he attended after he was tasked with becoming a mole for security agencies.
Of course, Yasser Ara-splat is actually talkin' out his ass here.

Hollow-point bullets, which spread out on impact, are not designed to penetrate body-armour. They flatten out and transfer all their energy... to what is sometimes euphemistically referred to as... "soft targets"... for the layman, that's simple flesh & bone.

When people talk about "cop-killer" bullets... they actually mean a sharply pointed copper-jacketed slug... with a special teflon coating designed to slip through kevlar... in effect, the exact opposite of a hollow-point slug.

But don't try tellin that to ol' Yasser.

And never let it be said that Jihadis don't have a sense of humour...
"'He hugged me ... I feel something in his pocket,' the witness testified."

"I don't know if I said, ‘Brother are you happy to see me'?"
Although it looks like these geniuses may need to do a little more work on the "undercover" aspect of the operation.
On Dec. 5, he said, the No. 2 ringleader picked him up to go shopping for guns on his behalf. Mr. Shaikh testified they visited three gun shops that day.

The suspect “was very excited because the first thing he asked was ‘hey do you sell any assault rifles here?,” Mr. Shaikh said.

He added the remark made the gun-shop owner “very nervous.”

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...here's a thought... let's try arresting criminals.
-- WINDSOR, Ont. -- Authorities say they’ve broken up an international smuggling ring that was allegedly using couriers to funnel guns from the U.S. into Canada.

Canadian investigators say they seized 27 firearms as well as ammunition at the border, while another ten guns were intercepted in Detroit. Police say the guns were destined for the Toronto area.

Charged with multiple offences are 21-year-old Denisa Manga and 18-year-old Julio Manga, both of Windsor.


Dennis said...

Well, you're half right there. First, hollowpoints are NOT "cop killers;" they can't penetrate body armour worth squat. Score one for you.

Where you lose a point: Even teflon coated slugs don't do the job. The purpose of the teflon is to REDUCE BARREL WEAR and the teflon usually is shed from the surface of the round in the air, before it even reaches the target (aren't external ballistics just the most bothersome things?). Read about it here.

On the bright side, though: even the 'Babe struck out half the time. ;)

Neo Conservative said...

dennis... i stand half-corrected.

the guy who invented the ktw slug, dr. paul kopsch explains...

"There were a couple gunfights, police versus criminal, here in Lorraine County, [Ohio]. The ordinary .38 Special service bullet would not get through the car door. And with any degree of obliquity, it bounced off the windshield.

[Police] Lieutenant Turcus, Don Ward and I thought maybe we could design a bullet which would get through the car door, and get through the windshield and get the crook out of the car ...

Kopsch explained that the teflon coating, which a host of media and lawmakers alleged was the key to penetrating body armor, served one purpose. It helped bullets go through smooth surfaces, like windshields and car doors, especially at oblique angles."

so, teflon not shed in air... and did help penetration... just not through kevlar.

i remember picking up a box of pointed jacketed pistol ammo in the 1980's that the manufacturer claimed penetrated metal way more efficiently... any idea what those were?