15 April 2008

What're those dumbass cops thinking?

Harrassing innocent people engaging in two insanely popular Islamic activities...

"It was just winter camping and the paintball, you heard that in court," Mr. Jamal said outside of court at noon.

"Everybody is allowed to do that," the father of four added, flanked by his lawyer.
Oh, yeah... apparently these poor boys were abused as well.
”I've been tortured, I've been racially profiled because I was older, I was abused” Mr. Jamal said. ”...I was beaten, I was kicked. I was pushed by the guards. ... They thought I was responsible.”
The hilariously misnomered "Red Tory"... better known in BT circles as the "Pink Dink"... has apparently linked to this post... but the single hit I saw in my sitemeter doesn't actually warrant the effort to see what he's yammering about this time.

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May said...

So much for justice. I guess we have to rely soley on the enforcement side of things. Everything else is catch and release.

Neo Conservative said...

yeah... these guys are as clean as driven snow... that's why they signed peace bonds.

"After 12 months, the peace bond expires and it as though the three suspects were never charged."

"The main conditions attached to the peace bonds include a curfew from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. every day, with exceptions for work, school and other situations."

"The men must also relinquish their passports, put up $10,000 bonds and agree to refrain from talking to any of the remaining accused."