04 April 2008

Dammit... it looks like the NDP...

Has managed to dig up that naked, drunken sex tape I made back in 1991...
If only... I'da remembered to have a friend over.


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Back in 1988, when the Sun's Paul Jackson was at the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, he broke a startling story that showed Tommy Douglas, now revered by the CBC as "the greatest Canadian of all time," eagerly recommending the CASTRATION OF HOMOSEXUALS and chronic criminals.

Douglas had expressed these views in his master's thesis at McMaster University.

He had other alarming recommendations on the various measures to be taken against Natives, French Catholics, and other (as he saw them) dubious members of society.

Were these the outpourings of Douglas' fervent youthful hysteria?

Not at all. He wrote the thesis when he was 30 years old and repeated some of the same ideas a few years later.

- (via no libs.com) -
And don't get me started... on St. Pierre Trudeau.
"In the years before the end of the Second World War, the rumours were shouting, the father of our constitution was a proto-fascist, an anti-Semitic separatist busily plotting ways to take Quebec out of Canada and out of the anti-Fascist alliance fighting Nazi Germany."

"Gibson was clearly bothered by these disclosures, and as the book’s editor (he now has his own paperback imprint at M&S, and seems happy to have left management to pursue his true motive for getting into book publishing in the first place), he was more or less confirming that the rumours were true."
Hey, Tom... here's a little advice...
"Lukiwski, shut up - you've said enough. Stop being a chew toy. Give it a month, and even Google will have trouble remembering your name. You've spent enough years in political life to know the truth behind 'there, but for the grace of camcorder...'"

LAST WORD: The Opposition has a point...

There's no sense endlessly hashing this thing out without a resolution.

Let's put the Lukiwski resignation to a vote in Parliament. Just to make it interesting... let's make a vote of 'confidence/non-confidence' in the government.

Whaddaya say, Stef... you still ready to rock n' roll?