22 August 2015

When the Liberals do it...

...it's an easily remedied misunderstanding... when a Conservative steps over the line, it's a 24/7 year long media circus.


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Rumours are the Liberals will shortly be announcing plans for a "Long Rope Registry."

Justin thinks you should be on the couch smoking dope... not making risky life choices.


Rich said...

You see ...Liberals NEVER have anything to do with financial misdoings and always are scrupulous about fairness .... (cough).

FROM:- Non-partisan? Really? Elections Canada turns a blind eye to Liberal lawbreakers, but not Tories.

"After spending the last few years dragging Conservative MPs, senators and even the party through investigations, prosecutions and court cases, Elections Canada chose not to prosecute four Liberals who seem to have broken Canada’s election laws.".....also.....

"Ken Dryden, Joe Volpe, Hedy Fry and STEPHANE DION not only failed to pay off their debts from the 2006 leadership contest on time, they missed a court-granted extension that ended in 2011. At the end of December 2011, Ken Dryden still owed $225,000, Volpe owed $97,800, Fry $69,000 and Dion $7,500."


Neo Conservative said...

no double standard here, huh?