19 August 2015

"From the heart, er... brains outward"

Liberal candidate & Social Justice Warrior from Calgary Nosehills takes abortion rights to the next logical level...

from the heart outwardJustin sure knows how to pick 'em.


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"The Liberal party is keeping a tight lid on what transpired during the two-hour, closed-door session last Tuesday."
I don't know why... Justin's last "dressup & pray" went over so well.


FPR said...

The little snowflake has bowed out. Of course she takes no ownership of her tweets.

Neo Conservative said...

if the left are always frothing at the mouth and rioting, why does the right get the bad rap in the media?


Anonymous said...

Well Neo, just look how long the Maggoty Media have used pressers to abuse PM Harper.
Terry Mildewski is a case in point, take him up on it and he whines like a gut shot coyote.
He should run for office if he wants to make speeches/questions
Bullys are like that any push back and they wet their beds.
They need to be "Trumped"tm good and hard, pushed back and challenged.
This is Bubba Brown Terry, retired local 191 Boilermaker.

fernstalbert said...

So I was young and foolish - now that is a good excuse to be vile and vicious - fortunately for the Canadian public the internet never forgets. You have got to ask why this was not picked up by the vetting committee. I find it hard to believe that she was nominated in a vacuum - how many others in that Liberal riding association have the same opinion?

Neo Conservative said...

"fern asks... how many others in that Liberal riding association have the same opinion?"

well, she's female AND she's muslim... a political daily double. what's to vet in today's pc climate?

if ms. ala simply declared she was a man trapped in a woman's body, she'd probably be the candidate INSTEAD of trudeau.