06 August 2015

Justin Trudeau has said publicly...

...he couldn't imagine deploying the Canadian military "under any circumstances"...

a proud canadianI wonder what Sgt. Danylyshyn would say about that.


jwkozak91 said...

And what does the unhinged Left have to say?

"Mac Ball ‏@PitchforkTorchz Jul 31

@jkenney @CanadianForces Send him to Israel to help murder more Palestinian children for your vampire boss Netanyahu http://www.rt.com/news/311216-palestinian-toddler-killed-jewish-attack/ …
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1a.) No Canadian female can be a soldier in the Green party universe.
1b.) Alternately, to them, she took out her gonads when she put her uniform on.
1c.) "Tatyana" is a male name to this SJW.

My reax: Ukrainian Scythian Princess Warrior - with a good upbringing - does good again.

Anonymous said...

I think that Trudeau would be happy that there's finally some gender equality/affirmative action occurring in our military. It's a shame though that the fine lady is not of middle eastern/Islamic origin as seen with CSIS and their targeted recruiting of Muslim women. Gender equality has come a long way on the last five years but there's still major roads to be paved until we have social equality of the sexes.

Frances said...

Not to mention my late brother-in-law, father, grandfathers, and uncles, all of whom served proudly in our armed forces. And let's not forget Cousin Jim, who was wont to say he had had an undistinguished war. That was with the British Commandos, and involved a harrowing week in Norway (said week was probably pre-Commando) dodging the Germans.

Anonymous said...

That's not what Trudeau said you silly troll

Anonymous said...

WWJS (what would Justin say)that comment would come after he wet his shorts.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny bleats... That's not what Trudeau said you silly troll"

you mean the guy who went & fake prayed at a fundamentalist montreal mosque?

the guy who said he admired how the chinese politburo could make "turn on a dime" policy decisions?

the guy who sat for a photo op at pride parade with a child pornographer?

the guy who makes jokes about whipping out a freudian penis substitute while canadian troops risk their lives?

the guy whose father refused ww2 military service and rode around quebec wearing a german military helmet?

as for the interview read it and weep...

"You don’t need to be a military historian to see the problem, here. The conditions Trudeau has imposed would render it impossible for Canada to participate in any military effort, ever."

and that's not ezra levant talking, that's liberal backroom operator warren kinsella.