14 August 2015

Kathleen Wynne, the new...


"Every dollar I put against our debt, or into our savings, was a dollar that was there for my wife and kids should the worst happen."

"Every dollar I lose to the ORPP, should I fall down a flight of stairs or block a bus, is a dollar lost to them. It simply goes to the broader Ontario collective good."
This is what used to be called Communism.

The Liberals and NDP want to take away any say you have in educating your children.

Now they want to meddle with your bank account.


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Speaking of taxpayer dollars...
"All of Dundas Street is already a supervised injection site., just ask the merchants, if you can find one left."
If you found your kid with a syringe in his hand, would you help him shoot up or take it away from him?


L said...

One solution: move away Ontarians before Dec 31, but do not bring communist ideas to the west.

Neo Conservative said...

presumably before rachel notley & comrades close down the oil sands and cover them with social housing, methadone clinics and discount trans-sexual surgery outlets?

i miss mike harris.