21 August 2015

Nevertheless... FIRE... THEM... ALL...

...and disband the Senate. Think of the tens of millions of dollars you could immediately shift over to healthcare.

As entertaining as all this is to low information voters and political partisans, this is simply how Ottawa works. Ask Liberal Senator Mac Harb.

Or perhaps ask someone who doesn't have a dog in this fight...

“If you want to feel better about Canada, try explaining the Duffy-Wright scandal to someone from another country in one sentence.”
Try as hard as the liberal media might, this simply isn't the end of the world.
"It’s a 'scandalous' donation of private dollars to the public treasury."
If this were a serious attempt to change the grubby "both hands out" culture in the Senate and the House of Commons, surely we would submit every Senator and Parliamentarian to similar scrutiny. No wonder politicians so rarely accomplish anything of note.

Let's call this bullshit what it really is and move on.


bertie said...

PM Harper should have a standard question ready for each reporter that asks the same questions every day. I/E Robert ( Fife) I thought you asked that question yesterday and I answered it.You getting old and forgetting what I said? Well write it down today cause I,m not going to tell you again tomorrow.Oh Robert how is the investigation into the $3.5 million the NDP owe for the illegal satellite offices.UMM Robert any news on when the Libs will start paying back the 400 million from adscam?

I think something like that asked to each smart ass reporter would stop them in their tracks.

Or perhaps bring up some of the lies they tried to pin on PM Harper in the last election I/E wafergate.

Just fight back Prime Minister FIGHT BACK

Frances said...

Neo - the Supremes have ruled: meaningful change to the Senate is impossible without the consent of - if I remember correctly - a majority of the provinces representing at least 50% of the population (I could be wrong as to the details). Anyway, given Quebec, Ontario, and PEI will not go along with anything which could diminish their clout in the Upper Chamber, it can't happen.

Neo Conservative said...

bertie, i believe the conservatives have set up a website that kind of does this.

and frances, you are correct... but in the wheeler dealer world of "just bribe me politics", surely there is some incentive that could be proferred to pei and the others to correct this outrageous situation.

greater good and all.


Anonymous said...

I'd simply like to see PM Harper offer the "getting old and forgetful" comment but then suggest something...say, "I think you really wanted to ask me about why it's important Canadians understand why in a resource rich country it's advantageous and a tremendous strength we have on the world stage, in an energy and resource hungry world,... why we need to develop our resources in a aggressive yet Eco friendly and mindful manner... huge benifits for our children's children to last far into the future. If we want to create long term jobs and wealth in Canada, this is the bedrock any Canadian Gov't in the future will need to work from. Canadians need to understand all other growth, industry, stability, in this country comes from or is linked in some way to our rich resources both in the form or raw resources to the natural untouch beauty from sea to sea to sea...etc...and from that maintain a strong economy...etc...

He really needs to start directing the conversation to shut these oxygen wasters down... start asking and answering his own questions to go along with the ones they burn away on non campaign issues...

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says He really needs to start directing the conversation to shut these oxygen wasters down..."

in a reasonable, intelligent world... yes.

trouble is, the media is there, not to report policy or record a whole speech, but to catch the prime minister tripping on stage and dropping the f-bomb.

it's all about 15 second soundbites like justin "growing the economy from the heart." that latest asinine utterance should have been the end of young trudeau, but the media lapdogs just want their very own paris hilton to fawn over.

it's the low information voters and diehard partisans who determine the elections in this country. the partisans cannot be swayed but the same old dumbsticks will go with lisa laflamme & company every time. it's why corporations spend millions on slick advertising slogans. you repeat 'em enough times the sheeple start to believe.

truly... the wheel is gaffed.