10 August 2015

Think of Trump as a weathervane

Let's face it... anyone to the political right of Bert and Ernie is sick and tired of being shunned and vilified for falling out of lockstep with the politically-correct herd.

“People have to get their minds wrapped around the fact that the seething fury at the leadership of the Republican Party is real, and it’s going to bubble over somehow with somebody, and right now it’s with Trump.”
Donald Trump has become a lightning rod for the frustration & anger of a large segment of the American people.

In today's softly feathered, no consequences, celebrate everyone Dreamlandia there is only one real sin and that is holding socially conservative views. If you are opposed to abortion, if you want to punish criminals, if you don't want to unreservedly celebrate Bruce, er... Caitlyn Jenner's seemingly redundant penis... then you are the "thought criminal."

I suspect that (to make just one guess in hindsight) if Donald Trump had been president in September 2001, Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden's Tora-Bora hideaway would've been scattered across the Afghani landscape like a Lego set at the end of a toddler's exhausting but cathartic nap-free afternoon.

And Americans would've been fine with that. I think Jeb and the boys had best be watching their six.


UPDATE: Teflon Don
A Morning Consult tracking online national poll found Trump increasing his lead to 32 percent -- 21 percentage points ahead of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who garnered 11 percent.
Go figure.


Anonymous said...

There are some moderate, thoughtful people running for the GOP. But, they make for boring TV. The media loves Trump's vacant bombast because it fuels a thousand hours of talking head speculation. It is sad that intelligent normal people can't get airtime. The GOP needs to get Trump off the stage. He prevents good people from getting media time. Media attention will eventually equal votes.

Neo Conservative said...

say what you will... trump has struck a nerve with a large segment of the american people.

all that civilised, pre-packaged, uber rehearsed discourse where the politicians say absolutely nada is just wearing thin with ordinary folk.


Anonymous said...

The #1 issue that any American who would even consider a GOP vote is illegal immigration and Trump is the ONLY candidate who says he will put a stop to it. Talk to any white American in a border state and they'll start talking about all the problems with illegals without prompting.

Anonymous said...

Trump is the natural consequence of brainless right wing thinking. No thinking, just conservatives catch phrases with no basis in reality. Smart people are snobs. The MSM is picking on us. Blah blah

Neo Conservative said...

well, nonny... i guess that'd be the same "brainless right wing thinking" that has kept stephen harper in power for a decade.

the same "brainless right wing thinking" that has made canada the best performing country in the g8.

i'm good with that.

the fact that liberals are willing to go with the candidate who has zero experience & a marginal intellect... but who has that celebrity dna like paris hilton seems to say it all.

but back to the point. trump, whatever you think of him personally, has struck a huge nerve in america. he's the non-politician and it is resonating with the american people.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious--the Donald Trump Weathervane https://www.etsy.com/listing/268387031/donald-trump-political-weathervane?ref=shop_home_feat_1