24 August 2015

An entirely appropriate...

...and not unexpected response. You run the table, you get to do the happy dance.nuclear ali

Since the signing of the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers in July, Khamenei has repeatedly spoken out against Tehran’s main negotiating partners in Washington. “The root cause of the problems returns to their real enemies, the US and Israel.”

Khamenei claimed Saturday that Islamic nations were being manipulated into internal strife by the world’s “bullies” and urged Islamic unity in the face of what he identified as the Umma’s two greatest enemies: the US and Israel.
Think about it. Barack Obama is freeing up 150 billion dollars in frozen Iranian assets. He's allowing Iran, despite that regime being the premier sponsor of Islamic terrorism worldwide, to climb back up on the international porch with the big dogs.

Most importantly, Iran (with their now paltry but legitimate 6060 nuclear centrifuges) gets to join the international Nuke-O-Sphere in the very near future. The supposed benefit here is that Iran's "breakout time", the time it would take them to put together enough weapons-grade uranium for one bomb, has been extended from about 3 months to one year. That's right, one year... IF they don't cheat. They also get to keep their "hardened facilities" at Natanz and Fordow... you know the ones that can't be easily destroyed.

In effect, Uncle Sam bent over and grabbed his ankles. Iran is off the hook and "off the chain", yet the Obama Whitehouse continues to frame this "agreement" as a victory. Remember, Iran doesn't have to shoot off an ICBM. They don't even have to do it themselves. Any one of Iran's terrorist proxies with ten kilos (Iran has amassed 10,000k to date) of highly enriched uranium and a case of C4 could make the Isle of Manhattan a much less desirable postal code for, well... way past my best-before date.

And Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is more than happy to shove all that in America's face at every opportunity.If you thought Iran was a danger previous to now, just imagine what they'll do with their newfound cash, influence and a grab bag of nukes.

For all that, you can thank Barack Hussein Obama. Hope and change bitches. Just remember, you brought it on yourselves.