16 October 2013

Talking in code is so tiring

C'mon, go ahead & say it... St Jamestown.
bad evil guns
Police say the victim was found with three gunshot wounds outside a highrise apartment building (at Wellesley and Parliament Street) around 10 p.m.
Geez, I thought Mayor Moonbeam had solved that problem before he moved on to greener pastures...
"Nobody can deny that hobby directly results in people being shot and killed on the streets of our city," Miller said of sport shooting yesterday, amid debate on a possible gun bylaw.
But, but, but... he shut down all those gun ranges years ago. Where are all those nasty bullets coming from?


UPDATE: Vicscious immigrant thug Angus McTartan...

...wait a minute, correction just arriving...
Kimani Clarke, 18, is wanted for two counts of attempted murder and one count each of discharging a firearm to endanger life, aggravated assault, unauthorized possession of a firearm, knowingly possessing an unauthorized firearm and careless use of a firearm.

He is described as black, 6-foot-2, 180 pounds and with short black hair.
Don't you worry, Angus... your day will come.