07 October 2013

As McSlippery as the last guy

In Liberal-run Ontario... everybody is a "Wynner"...
The large salaries and bonuses drawn down by 2015 Pan Am Games executives were necessary to win the major sporting event, Premier Kathleen Wynne says.
How large, you ask?
Games CEO Ian Troop pulls a $390,000 base salary but could see that figure topped by a $780,000 bonus if he completes his term and meets budget and timeline targets.
Yes, that's right... the already obscene salaries get tripled by the bonus.

Just something to consider as tax time rolls around once again.


UPDATE: Here comes the other shoe
"That little shmoozefest will cost Ontario/Toronto taxpayers at least $500,000, if not much more, I learned Monday."
Don't blame me, I didn't vote for them.