12 October 2013

Rules are for the little people

It seems David Suzuki has expensive tastes for someone who wants to shut down the carbon economy within a generation. His primary residence is valued at around $8,200,000.00.

Suzuki owns four properties in some very exclusive areas. One of his properties includes part of an island he shares with an oil company, among others.
And yet Suzuki still manages to present himself as a humble little eco-David battling deep-pocketed Corporate Goliath. The one time advocate of zero population growth... who left his first family and started another.

How does he get away with it. I call it "Velvet Touch" syndrome.


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-- OTTAWA -- CBC used taxpayers' money to gain access to a movie premier for a film they co-produced and owned the rights to, documents show.

The offer presented to CBC required an investment ranging from $10,000 for two tickets to $100,000 to sponsor the head table. CBC refused to release the amount they paid to the foundation but the contract shows they purchased a table of 10 plus two single tickets.

The agreement, costing taxpayers somewhere between the quoted prices of $35,000 and $110,000, also called for Suzuki to be granted interviews on CBC shows to profile his life and his film.
I guess that's show-biz.


LAST WORD: Still not convinced?

Watch the video.


Pissedoff said...

The only thing I am convinced about is that Harper and the Harper party support the CBC which id one reason I have stopped supporting them.

Anonymous said...

And we now know that Strombo sits on the Board of the Suzuki Foundation which explain why the CBC give Saint Suzuki so much Air-Time and NEVER asks the hard questions.
Imagine that , the CBC has yet to do a show about how the SUN affects Earth's Temperatures long before there were SUV's and $8 million dollar homes by people like Gore and Suzuki. I expect Naomi Klein to be the next scam artist to be exposed for her opulent Life style as she too Jet-sets around the World preaching to the ignorant peons about saving the Planet.

Neo Conservative said...

"pissedoff says... Harper and the Harper party support the CBC..."

patently untrue... but i understand your frustration. i imagine the religious right is ready to revolt because the government won't crack down on abortion.

unfortunately, realpolitik rears it's ugly head... and compromises must be made.

i am happy about the long gun registry and holding the line on the gst... both issues where the left has pissed all over ordinary canadians.

take your victories where you can get them is my advice.