11 October 2013

I blame Mike Harris

Yet again, wasteful, eco-terrorist neocon greedheads... wait a minute...
everyone's a wynner

Miller’s annual report also slammed the Liberals for gutting the ministry through budget cuts and regulatory changes that weaken important safeguards for provincial parks, species at risk and hunting.

Cuts to regulations, staff and programs at the ministry are “short-sighted and regressive” and pose significant ecological risks, he said. It could have “disastrous results” for Ontario’s natural heritage and disrupt the way of life in the north.

“We’re talking about handing over this land to third parties over which we have no control,” Miller said. “So it’s profound change on the highest level.”
But, but, but... they're the ecology party... I saw it in all their commercials. Dalton promised.


Anonymous said...

I find this genuinely infuriating, but I am sure that the other parties would be no better if they were in power and in a position to do the same. How can this corruption ever be brought to an end?

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... the other parties would be no better..."

the left-o-spheric media concentrates most of it's attention on the foibles of conservatives like rob ford... ignoring, for example... the federal leader of the ndp who was found, pantsless, in a sleazy chinatown brothel during a sweep for underage protitutes.

and that's on us. we let ourselves be manipulated. after jacko's little adventure was revealed he was still deified by the msm.

there are, as a rule, no consequences for behaving badly.