22 October 2013

No wonder Dalton picked up and ran away...

...to the United States...

"At the end of August, physiotherapy services provided to frail elderly in retirement and long-term care homes and in the community — simply to keep them mobile and active — were delisted from OHIP to save $67 million a year."
And this is where Premier Wynne thinks she should start chopping?

I thought the Liberals were supposed to be the "healthcare" party.


Anonymous said...

Aren't they the hypocrite party? You can always count on a,Liberal to do the opposite of what they campaign on.

Neo Conservative said...

thanks to dalton and his unelected successor... our grandchildren will be paying the price, not just for the disastrous social engineering... but things the liberals neglected to do.

you can't heat your home with pixie dust.


Anonymous said...

That's half the problem with these peabrained socialist politicians. Most of them are well-heeled thanks to taxpayers and living expenses aren't much of a concern to them.