05 October 2013

I dunno... maybe something in the water?

Canada's national broadcaster nails it yet again... just what exactly is it about compassionate, intellectual Toron... wait a minute...
is it something in the water?
"Prosecutor Matt Miazga said George was shot five times in ten seconds with a .22 calibre Smith and Wesson handgun. He managed to make it across the street before collapsing. He died later in hospital."
And what about that Hogtown hell-raiser?
"Defense lawyer Nick Stooshinoff said that Noor, 24, is originally from Somalia and moved to Toronto as a youth. He says that Noor was out that night partying and did not intend to kill Macdonald George.

FROM THE COMMENTS: CBC misses the real story

Whaddaya have to do in the Great White North to actually be charged with murder?
first four shots are deductible
"shot FIVE times...yet that is manslaughter???"
Apparently those Torontonians are a passionate people.