09 October 2013

Dalton McGuinty will be remembered as...

...the Green premier... you know, the guy who gave all that taxpayer green to his friends.
here we go againWhy all the sad faces?

The good news here is that somebody walks away with a billion dollar windfall.

"When Mr. McGuinty pulled the plug on the Oakville plant in the fall of 2010, Auditor-General Bonnie Lysyk found, the Liberals did not take advantage of contract provisions that protected the province from having to compensate TransCanada Corp., the energy giant given the job of building it. Instead, Mr. McGuinty’s aides assured TransCanada it would receive the entire value of the contract."

"Under the contract, the government had no legal obligation to compensate TransCanada for lost profits in the event that the company could not complete the project."

“'It may well have been possible for the OPA to wait it out, with no penalty and at no cost,' Ms. Lysyk says in her report."
Couldn't have that, could we.

What, you think it's coincidental that three-time Premier McSlippery packed his bags and ran off to a teaching job south of the border... not at the end of his elected term... but just before this story started gaining media traction?


"I would like to NOT BUILD some powerplants for the Ontario government too - being inexperienced I will start with a couple small ones, say $10 million each, and work my way up."
Count me in.


Anonymous said...

Someone tell all those refugees and immigrants that they will be paying for McGuinty's scam for the next 20 years , on top of the near $300 billion debt that is closing in on the Federal $630 billion national debt.
Dalton jumped ship with his big bag of money and now Harvard is stuck with this liar and scam artist.
Don't forget David Miller , he too promised to axe the Island Bridge that would no cost a toonie. Once in Office as mayor he axed it and then taxpayers got screwed for 17 million $$ toonies from the lawsuit. Miller was a Harvard man, McLiar is a Hardvard man.
Can you see a pattern he folks.

Neo Conservative said...

even with all the other scandals, ornge, ehealth, etc and broken promises ohip, taxes... dalton has outdone himself here.

ontarians will be paying this one off for generations.


Pissedoff said...

Lets not forget this little gem the Scumbag Fascist Party pulled to pay two profitable companies $500 000

Pissedoff said...

Sorry forgot the link


Anonymous said...

you forgot iggy, another Harvard elitist. almost too bad he didn't win the election, just so you could see if it would have been a Harvard trifecta of incompetence and thievery.

brad maynard

Neo Conservative said...

"brad says... you forgot iggy, another Harvard elitist"

ah, yes... the count.

barring stephane dion. the most forgettable prime minister canada never had.

message to justin... beware of political advisors bearing gifts.


Anonymous said...

Who specifically benefited financially fromthe cancellation of the gas plant? Who exactly is behind the company that took us with Liberal help for more than a billion dollars?

Neo Conservative said...

the article points pretty specifically at transcanada corp.

the question here really should be... why would mcguinty decide to ignore the provisions of the contract to dish out a billion taxpayer dollars?

what was the quid pro quo?