13 October 2013

A breath of fresh air. Less cheerleading...

...more actual reporting...
"In this case, the [Canadian] government – one that Mr. Greyson and Mr. Loubani viscerally despise – applied the heat at the highest level. Foreign Minister John Baird even met with his Egyptian counterpart. These two should kiss Mr. Baird’s feet. But I wouldn’t hold my breath."
Here's a newsflash for John Greyson.

Come the new Caliphate, I can simply grow my beard a little longer and learn a smidge of Arabic. Unfortunately for you, sir... a 60 second Google search by our new fundamentalist overlords and you will very likely find yourself left dangling from the nearest streetlight. No amount of marching & sloganeering will override the Will of Allah.

You get that, right?

"anonymouse squeaks... You do realize that Baird is gay."
And you, my shallow troll buddy, do realise that I give not a feather what Mr. Baird or anyone else does with their genitalia in private with another consenting adult?

The real problem with the radical gay movement is their insistence in shoving their too often old, wrinkley genitalia into the forefront of any public activity. You define yourself primarily by your genitalia... inevitably, you end up just being a big tiresome dick.