20 April 2013

Let the media beatification begin

Hmmm... how will the MSM handle this one?
oh, the poor little babyI can't wait to see whether the CBC manages to get hold of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's baby pictures... I mean, the Journo-Canadian community did such a bang-up job with Omar.
oh, isn't he cuteWitness the latest...

"A dedicated wrestler who would return to his high school to mentor younger team members. A class clown who helped a teacher spell and then pronounce his unusual name. A happy if quiet student with plenty of friends."
Why exactly, is all the emphasis placed on the bombers as opposed to the victims? How about a brutally honest photo montage of the almost two hundred traumatic amputations... or a focus on the people Dzhokhar and his brother murdered?

I know, I know... never gonna happen in Justin's Canada.


RELATED: To their credit, the CBC...

...actually stops short of blaming Dick Cheney for the slaughter...
Maret Tsarnaeva, who lives in Toronto, the aunt of the two suspects in the Boston bombings says she doesn't believe they were involved in the crime and says the FBI has no evidence other than pictures of the two young men walking on the street near the finish line.
Another in-depth, conclusive investigation by your national broadcaster.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't bear to watch the Canadian media yesterday but I was amazed at the hours of coverage yesterday with many moments needed to be filled and no side story about Chechnya, Islamic terror or something about the local Roxbury mosque.

The (Montreal)Gazette has a long article on the 2nd suspect today and mentions Chechnya, but not word about radical Islam.

Alex F said...

The guy his with legs blown off saw them drop the bombs. The Media Party can't get out of this one. The harder they try the more they expose themselves as morally and mentally corrupt.

Neo Conservative said...

what surprises me is that there aren't more of these incidents, especially in canada... a soft target full of sympathisers of various stripes.

i keep waiting to hear about a massive nail bomb at the young & bloor subway station... or a major sporting event.

perhaps canada has become so much of a haven, the terrorists just don't wanna sh!t where they eat?


Anonymous said...

Neo I especially like tour last line.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh he’s just a child….we should let him come to Canada with our other child killers who have terrorists parents and siblings that our spineless liberal government is too cowardly to deport.

OMMAG said...

Root Causes = Liberal ignorance and stupidity.

The left never met a terrorist they didn't like.

Helps make them feel all superior and better than the rest. Also helps them foget what mediocrities and failures they truly are.

Patsplace said...

At what point do we find that Islam is THE PROBLEM, the various Muzzie sicko's are just the messengers.

Do the Moderates come out in the streets by the hundred thousand to condemn this type of action? Not on your life...the only people in the streets are passing out candy and dancing for joy that the bombs went off.

Anonymous said...

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Neo Conservative said...

only a matter of time before canada gets suckerpunched by one of these terrorist factions.

wonder what shiny pony trudeau will prattle on about when that happens?