19 April 2013

Apparently, it didn't have to happen

One would think, for the families & friends of the Boston dead & maimed, that nothing could make this tragedy any worse than it is.

Well, you'd be wrong.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the 26-year-old killed in a wild shootout with police, was a legal U.S. resident who nevertheless could have been removed from the country after a 2009 domestic violence conviction, according to a Judicial Watch source. That means the Obama administration missed an opportunity to deport Tsarnaev but evidently didn’t feel he represented a big enough threat.
Just something to consider, the next time you're anywhere near a voting booth.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't he also outside of the country for six months before getting citizenship, so this should have been a big red flag and put into question his residence in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

Deport! Why? It’s America where there citizens have civil liberties! Besides there are roughly 30 million illegal aliens living in America. These illegals get free health care, free housing, free welfare and many other free social benefits that America has to offer. All that the illegals have to do is have a baby on America soil and now the illegals have a claim to citizenship pursuant to amendment 14.

In Canada however we deport illegals. We just recently deported a women from Calgary who was released from prison after serving time for killing her children. We deported her ass the second she got out of jail. We have also done this many times since Harper became PM. When it comes to terror suspects or people who commit honour crimes in Canada we also fail to deport them just like America. We too treat them with the utmost highest respect. Omar Khadr and his family of terrorists cannot be deported because they are Canadian citizens. Omar’s mom, sister, and brother (who was wounded fighting a jihad battle against America) area all welcomed here as Canadians who want to seek a new life. The Toronto 18 terrorists, the Shafia family and even the suspects form the Air India bombing are all just as Canadian as you and me.

Canada, jut like America, is an ethnically diverse and multi cultural nation that was built on the backs of hard working immigrants. We are nations of immigrants who stand strong, proud and free. You can have nothing and come to Canada or America and achieve anything you put your mind to. God Bless Canada and the United States of America. Sorry if the word “God” offended anyone as it is not politically correct under the terms of freedom or Islamic law. Because of this offence you may file a complaint with the human rights commissions and the owner of the blog will be forced to remove the post and I, along with the blog owner, may be ordered by the commissions to pay you money and apologise to you.

Neo Conservative said...

he could have been deported under the law.

he wasn't and people died and were horribly maimed.

why have laws if you don't exercise them?