24 April 2013

Dear Justin...

...you wanna impress me, do something about this...
i'm from the government
"The average family earned $74,113 and paid $31,615 in taxes, including income, sales and property taxes; employment insurance and Canada Pension Plan contributions; and what the institute calls 'hidden' taxes like import duties and gas taxes."

"The tax bill has ballooned 1,787% since 1961, the report says.
How exactly, could that have happened? Here's a clue...
"In 1968, when Trudeau went from rich, socialist professor who had never held a real job in his life to prime minister, Canada’s national debt was a modest $11.3 billion; the federal deficit was zero."

"When Trudeau left office in 1984, the debt had mushroomed to $128 billion; the deficit to $25 billion annually."
And, it seems... the apple doesn't drop all that far from the tree...
"The highest-spending MP with the smallest riding by area in Canada was Liberal Justin Trudeau. He represents the Montreal riding of Papineau, just 9 square kilometres with 70,115 electors. He spent $445,566.97 — or $6.35 per voter, or $49,507 per square kilometre."
Oh Canada.


Ah, yes... the return of Polardiscoball...
have you seen the gut on your bitch? Oh you have one too
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"You’re with us secretary fornicators, or the child pornographers"
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Literally he's a Zombie, Dick Cheney is an anti-christ Zombie he's got no heartbeat, think of that, is that not in the scriptures? A man who walks with no heartbeat and feels no remorse for the millions of deaths.

Those mother fuckers took us to war for money, isn't it amazing?
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But don't you worry... now that there's a Trudeau on the scene, everything's gonna be peachy.