25 April 2013

"From my hot, oily hands..."

Just waiting for the usual rabid chef-istic pushback from the diabolical National Roasting Association...

"Williams-Sonoma, the specialty retailer of home furnishings and gourmet cookware with over 250 stores in the United States, has pulled pressure cookers from their shelves following the Boston Marathon bombing."

FROM THE COMMENTS:potluckPots... the gateway WMD.


fernstalbert said...

So, if you want to buy a pressure cooker at a garage sale, thrift store, from your neighbour or perhaps give it to a family member or friend - will you need a comprehensive background check? The new HomeEc 101 - can you cook or not?

Neo Conservative said...

hey, just like guns kill people and forks cause morbid obesity... pressure cookers are weapons of mass destruction.

they've gotta go.