04 April 2013

Fun with numbers

How many 9th graders have been murdered in your neighbourhood in the last couple months?
oops there goes another

"The boy is the fourth 15-year-old to be shot in Toronto this year. Jarvis Montaque, Tyson Bailey and St. Aubyn Rodney did not survive."
The wild, wild west of Toronto. Yee-haw.


Anonymous said...

Geez they better forge ahead on those basketball courts.

Rob C

Brian Busby said...

'Cause Toronto is a neighbourhood. For the worst of the worst, best look to the neighbourhoods of Prince George, Wood Buffalo and Saskatoon.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm still waiting for the headlines about poor dugald mcfarlane being murdered on his way home from a late night highland dancing competition...

"A person living in Toronto public housing during those three years was four to five times more likely to be a homicide victim than someone living anywhere else in the Greater Toronto Area."