13 April 2013

As Canadian as...

...improvised explosive devices...

A fourth name has emerged in the tangled web of young Canadians sought for possible extremist connections in the aftermath of a deadly terrorist attack in Algeria this year.

Independent sources in Canadian security and government tell The Canadian Press that Mujahid Enderi, who goes by the anglicized name “Ryan,” a Libyan-Canadian from southwestern Ontario, is under investigation and being sought by police.
Oh Canada.


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enkidu said...

This is the Canada, and these are the 'Canadians', that Pearson, Trudeau, Chretien and Martin have given us. It will be a long hard slog digging us out of this pit.

Anonymous said...

P.M. Harper has said on the public record that radical Islam is the number one security threat to Canada.

His immigration policies has let in record numbers of immigrants from radical Islamic countries since he been P.M.

What a F****** liar.

Anonymous said...

I knew as soon as I heard about this terrorist attack by "Canadians" that it would be by guys named Ryan. Not

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny shrieks... His immigration policies has(sic) let in record numbers of immigrants from radical Islamic countries..."

yup... you say stephen harper... the first thing that pops to anyones mind is flinging open the floodgates of unrestricted immigration.