07 April 2013

In other "Buy the World a Coke" news

Premier Kathleen Wynne's Ontario upgrades from that antiquated "English Common" to "Sharia Law"...

kabul, ontario


Anonymous said...

Yes they should if there are Muslims involved. See Muslims are offended and hurt when their daughters have to be exposed in a bathing suit. There are now a number of public pools, mainly in the GTA, that offer segregated swimming times for male and females keeping with Shari law. This is what we do in Canada we appease! It’s our nature and custom. We vote in governments time and time again that endorse this type of social engineering again and again over and over and all we do about it is keep voting then in and in and cry and cry over and over again.

Neo Conservative said...

once on the slippery slope, where does this stop?

female only library hours? female only subway cars?