22 November 2016

Your sex tape was a disappointment...

...but you still want all that attention...

No records are available for 2016, but Brandon Dixon, who plays Aaron Burr and publicly castigated Vice President Pence, didn't even vote during president Obama's reelection bid in 2012.
Drama Queens, huh? You see your Miley Cyrus moment... I guess you gotta seize it.


UPDATE: Meet the real Brandon Dixonbros befo hosWonder what Brandon is prouder of... calling black women "Hoes"... or the targeting of drunk white women by "Bros."


Anonymous said...

Too funny - if only the left had shown up to be counted. If only they had spent their precious time getting to the polls, stood in line and actually made a choice for President. They took the media and polls seriously and thought it was in the bag and that their vote didn't matter. Schadenfreude is Karma. lol

Neo Conservative said...

and now it turns out social activist/actor brandon dixon, the guy who lectured pence, is a misogynistic douchebag.

yeah... i'm shocked.


Bill E said...

Theater people are even worse sexual deviant scum than "Pedowood".

Neo Conservative said...

curiously, the msm can't seem to bring themselves to report on mr dixon's very public misogyny.