11 November 2016

Crazier Together

The students missing midterms with PTSD and the Democrat Capitol Hill staffers requesting on-site therapy dogs are starting to look like the sane ones.insert alt text herekillasDeplorable Angry Aunty replies...alt angry auntiYup... that @BankRollGreg is one classy dude. Hillary must be so proud.


Rum, sodomy and the crash

"It wasn’t ironic, you dumb bitch, he played that song to tell people like you that your juvenile, fairy-tale universe isn’t happening."
It had to be said.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says.............I don't know which has become more prevalent, insanity or stupidity. It seems that society as a whole is losing the ability to critically think about anything. Now is that stupidity or insanity?

Neo Conservative said...

the election of donald trump has shown us that the socialist's strategy of labelling opponents as racist, islamophobe, homophobe or transphobe has proven, over time, to be ineffective.

there is a law of diminishing returns... and people eventually say, "enough is enough."

north american values are what made this part of the world what it is.

islamic values have proven to be a disaster in the middle east. the perpetual warring with israel and among themselves speaks for itself. note that saudi arabia and qatar have taken in zero syrian or palestinian refugees.

africa, since the withdrawal of the colonial regimes has descended into anarchy and poverty.

south america is starving as they embrace the values of che and fidel.

ironically, "you don't have to be a weatherman..."