07 November 2016

Just another reason, folks...

Or you can go with Hillary's plan to increase Islamic immigration by 500%...

ISIS has called for the "slaughter’ of Americans voting in Tuesday’s Presidential election.

The terror group has called on its followers to attack voters in the election and has told Muslims not to cast a vote.

The new ISIS threats, reported by terrorist monitoring group SITE, were made in an essay published by the terror group's Al Hayat media centre.
Who is the best candidate to deal with this?

No brainer, in my opinion.


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The system was exposed even before Bernie Sanders lost to Clinton in the Democratic primaries. Clinton's control of Democratic Party superdelegates, those party insiders who were leveraged for her against Sanders, made that clear. Sanders had no chance.


Bill E said...

Hillary/DNC/CNN is just the most visible symptom of a larger problem - if we don't start addressing this problem, discussing it openly and refuse to be intimidated or shouted down, we will lose the small window of freedom to afforded us to publicly denounce and marginalize a dangerous malevolent ideology and be left with no option but physical resistance and rebellion - much like the people of Germany in the 30s or Cinese in the 50s - there is a small political cabal pushing an immoral malevolent ideology masked in virtue, which ultimately promotes lawlessness and inhumanity in the power structure.

Hillary is not only a major globalist puppet (transnational crony corporatism married to feudal socialism) but she is a paragon of PC culture (cultural Marxism. America will resemble Mexico under her diktat.

PC (political correctness) is the vilest ideology to surface in western culture since statist authoritarian communism.

I guess you can't tell I've been binge-watching Prof. Jordan Peterson's videos on the psychology of tyrannies.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says...............don't you just love the sense of humour these muslims have.