20 November 2016

I'm looking forward to the...

...followup production... "Oppenheimer"... a story that “valorizes dead white scientists” and replaces it with black, Latino and multi-ethnic performers playing America’s seminal theoretical physicists...keepin' it real
The press representative for the show told CBS2’s Aiello the language in the notice, “seeking non-white performers,” was approved by Actors Equity.

But the Union General Counsel denied that, saying such language was not and would not be approved.

IRONY ALERT: For the record...
"Alexander Hamilton favored the anti-liberty Alien and Sedition Acts AND the Electoral College that Democrats are trying to get rid of."
Ah, Barack... you've brought us all together. Enjoy your legacy.

And, while we're "airbrushing the Politburo"...
According to the book, after spending the summer golfing with Uncle Vernon Jordan, he admits to Hillary that, although he did play quidditch, he never put his bludger in the golden snitch.

Hillary thinks this is a lot of hufflepuff and, although he doesn't die, Billy finds himself under an impediment curse which means that for the rest of the book he hardly gets to take his wand out at all and Uncle Vernon starts calling him Nearly Headless Bill.
Once upon a socially just time, right?



You've come a long way, Baby...
"Ms. Wynne appeared to be holding back tears".
"Canadian Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland was choking back tears".
Is there anybody out there who isn't blubbering?