14 November 2016

Rahmbo... I don't think that word means...

...what you think it means...the lamentations of their women

“To all those who are, after Tuesday’s election, very nervous, filled with anxiety: you are SAFE in Chicago; you are SECURE in Chicago; and you are SUPPORTED in Chicago.”
Well... not exactly.
Gun-controlled Chicago is fast-approaching 4,000 shooting victims year-to-date for 2016.
Here's a clue... even people who live there, call it Chi-Raq...
“If you’re thinking of the best place in America right now to be a criminal and carry a gun, it’s Chicago.”
Safe, secure, supported, my ass. Just more Democratic Party argle-bargle.


Anonymous said...

Is it even possible for Dems to Frig up Chicago even more ran it is now

Neo Conservative said...

rahm's got the democratic party royal jelly.

maybe he can go on indefinite leave with packetsled ceo matt harrigan when chicagoans start to storm his palace.