21 November 2016

CBC has been unable to uncover...

monkeying around...whether the murdered man had an "evolved primate permit."

I do have a question for our friends in the media. Exactly how many dead bodies do you need before "clashes" can be reported as mass murder?

Apparently, the magic number is "more than 16."


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"CBC News also reported on the Libyan diplomats who now want protection in Canada as refugees. CBC News used an Access to Information request to uncover details of the refugee request in quarterly reports produced by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade that track incidents of foreign diplomats behaving badly in Canada."
Terrific. Gotta go lock up my monkeys.


Anonymous said...

owg says..........looks like the monkey is the most intelligent and civilized of the group.

Neo Conservative said...

this, unfortunately, is representative of the muslim middle east.

it's only a matter of time before we get some major blowback from prime minister care bear's decision to bring tens of thousands of their fellow travellers to canada.

if they will blithely slaughter each other over this "monkey business", imagine what they will do to actual infidels like you and i.