14 November 2016

Social Justin Warriors

Canadian special forces troops have been told to keep an eye out for possible human rights abuses and sectarian score-settling as the battle to liberate Iraq's second largest city continues to unfold.

"It is a concern," said Christina Marcotte, a civilian policy adviser with the Canadian task force headquartered in Kuwait.
Apparently JTF2, Canada's answer to Seal Team Six, has been reduced to "running to mommy & telling on them."

Thank you Prime Minister Care Bear.


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It's a CBC twofer... heroic minority community immigrant suffers racist attack...in public...15 minutes of shame
Masood alleges the woman's friend then started punching him in the chest and kicking him. He describes both women as twice his size.
Sadly, the woman pushing the baby stroller was able to elude the subsequent police dragnet...
"I couldn't think straight when I was being punched," he said. "I feared for my life at one point.

"Then I heard something like 'terrorist.' I couldn't sleep the whole night," he said. "It's too much trauma. You can't get it out of your head."
Okay, buddy, settle down... it must be some consolation that CBC was willing to arrange an interview and take a nice in-situ headshot after this traumatic incident. Perhaps you can use that in your online dating profile.


COMPARE & CONTRAST: A story you won't see...

...at the CBC...
“I am in the emergency room as of a couple of hours ago awaiting X-rays. I was beaten up by three Muslim men between the ages of 25-35. They thought I bore a resemblance to Mr. Trump.” Anna Göransson, press officer at the police control center in Malmö, confirmed to Sydsvenskan that the attack had taken place.
Seems Chef Vendel has some actual observable injuries... unlike CBC hero, Mr Masood.


Anonymous said...

owg responds..............hahahahahahahahahaha.

Neo Conservative said...

i just wanna know... did cbc magically have a reporter and camera crew on that very subway car... or did mr masood call them up and arrange to meet them back at the scene of the crime?


robins111 said...

Now Neo, we both know that the CBC is lucky that way.

Recall about 18 months ago they just happened to have a news team floundering beside the Bow River and caught Justy paddling a canoe with Pee-airs buckskin jacket on.

Neo Conservative said...

"robins111 says... CBC is lucky that way."

indeed they are. of course, with over a billion dollars per year in federal funding now... i'm a little surprised we don't have a dedicated justin reality tv show.