24 November 2016

It was fine for the Harpers...

...but Prime Minister Care Bear needs 40 million dollars in upgrades. Apparently, Daddy's little socialist likes his creature comforts.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...........silver spoon socialists have no problem spending other people's money. If the PM's house needs 40 million in repairs and upgrades I would suggest tearing it down, get the GG an apartment, and put the PM in his house.

Neo Conservative said...

apparently justin's first year budget deficit will be 40 billion dollars. and nobody is calling for his head.

what has happened to my country?


Bill E said...

I'm convinced arrogance and megalomania are genetic - and in JT's mommy's case idiocy.

So he's the golden child who has it all arrogance, Megalomania and the arrested development of a popstar groupie.

Meanwhile, this winter we at our church discovered several seniors who may have to leave their homes because they can't afford to heat them.

Neo Conservative said...

one of the local hospitals has said they will have to make budget cuts to make up for the increased cost of electricity.

justin fiddles while rome burns.