01 November 2016

In the immortal words of Tiger Williams...

..."Done like a dinner"...it's over**********

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Well, John Podesta did call on the FBI to start releasing all of the information it had…

Best. Election. Ever.
It could indeed be.


Bill E said...

Neo- the insider rumors in the intel community is Assange ha been getting his wikileas releases from FBI/CIA insiders - the latest rumor is the 33K emails Reptillery flushed will appear this week in a Wikileak release.

Neo Conservative said...

it wouldn't surprise me.

part of the fbi indoctrination/training is that agents are the best of the best... it's why they so often bigfoot local law enforcement.

this superiority is almost like a religion and to have so many people criticising the agency as being "on the take" for the clinton cartel wounded many of them to the bone.

they may not have leaked to assange... but they're gonna do whatever it takes to redeem the bureau's good name.