10 November 2016

T.O. Diversity Chronicles - snitches, stitches

Sure, sure... it's all fun and games until somebody, uh... loses their johnson..."

Since there are no snitches, the shooter and stabber are both at large. “About 20 witnesses were right there and said they saw nothing,” said Det.-Const. Chris Hominuk, of Toronto Police’s 52 Division. “Some said they were sleeping on the bus, but it is kind of hard to sleep through five gunshots.”

Or to enjoy a peaceful slumber with the shrieking sounds of a man losing his penis.

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...wait a minute...
"Kenneth Omorogbe, 25, and Kamari Folkes, 24, both from Toronto, were arrested on Wednesday and charged jointly with second-degree murder. Det.-Sgt. Giroux described Omorogbe and Folkes as 'the main suspects' in the case, and said 'they have some past criminal baggage'."
Funny how all these thugs are "known to police." Let's do away with all those "catch & release" plea deals that allow violent thugs to freely roam our streets.


Bill Elder said...

"grievous, life-changing injuries"


Neo Conservative said...

note that after this guy got bobbitted, he was driven to the hospital on the bus these folk had rented.

curiously, when police got there, none of the 20 other people on the bus knew anything about the de-wanging or the 5 shots fired during the melee.

a lot like the close quarters combat at local rap extravaganzas where, invariably, all 300 attendees were in the apparently soundproof bathrooms during the gunbattle.


Bill E said...

Darwin smiles ;-)

Neo Conservative said...

darwin laughs so hard he pukes.