16 November 2016

Yeah, ABC news... we get it...

...under a Trump administration, like in Planet of the Apes... soon rich old white guys will be hunting women for sport...

But when Hillary Clinton lost the election, Elderkin took a more serious tone with her napkin art.

"The Monday before the election, I had drawn a ‘celebratory’ napkin, anticipating a Hillary win," she recalled. "It was of a dancing squirrel in a leotard, a la BeyoncĂ© in the ‘Single Ladies’ video, that said ‘Who Run The World? Squirrels.’

"I'll never stop fighting to make the world they live in a better place."
Yeah. With squirrels. And napkins.

Apparently the media have decided to fight tooth, nail and claw for the next four years.


UPDATE: Social Media is doing its part

Twitter is purging Alt-Right accounts... you know, the people who aren't rioting.
Twitter has suspended alt-right accounts in the past but never so many at once.

In one of the highest-profile bans, Twitter removed the account of Milo Yiannopoulos, a technology editor at the conservative news site Breitbart in July. In response to the purges, many alt-right users are heading over to Gab, a Twitter substitute platform with a much more aggressive free speech policy.
Put me in a basket... and call me deplorable.


RELATED: Just get over yourself...

...and check out online dating...
“For the sake of this argument, that you’re the marital equivalent of someone sleeping in their parents’ basement at 30,” she explains further. “It implies failure on the part of the un-engaged, and that’s uncool.”
So, lemme see if I'm following here... now you're losing your sh!t because men aren't looking at you?


Bill E said...

Cunned stunts. I'm of the firm conviction there has to be a competency test required to vote.

It seems the media are collusive - learning from the concerted anti-Harper 8-year tirade that the 4th estate is the spearhead of the globalist state. They only reach the low IQ voter.

Neo Conservative said...

people are learning. distrust in the official media is at an all-time high. newspapers are failing left and right.

if only "critical" thinking were not seen as a bad thing.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says.........Bill E, a test for both the voter and the candidate.

Neo Conservative said...

as long as the media colludes with the lunatic left we will live in the political wilderness.

fortunately, it seems the people are beginning to reject all the propaganda rolling down off the mountain.