09 November 2016

Contrary to CBC's nightlong narrative...

...the first actions of a Trump presidency will not be to tattoo barcodes on "differently-abled", Muslim lesbians foreheads... and ship them all off to a gulag in Alaska...

"To be really historic...we have to do a great job..."
Of course... some folk beg to differ.

Looks like Donald WAS prepared for that call at 3AM.

From Hillary.


LAST WORD: Is this Obama's real legacy?
Look out for the executive orders, the “midnight” regulations and, perhaps most controversially, the pardons.

“I do think a pardon for Huma and Weiner might happen,” said Michael McKenna, a Republican lobbyist, referring to Huma Abedin and her estranged husband, Anthony D. Weiner, whose emails are being scoured by the FBI for wrongdoing.
Let's see how bent Obama really is.


robins111 said...

I watched a bit of the show on Ceeb last night, the first time I've watched in over 5 years, When reality sunk in that Trump was winning, the look on the panels faces, showed all the depression of a toddlers funeral.

Anonymous said...

owg says...........if trump manages to get a balanced budget through congress and the senate, if he manages to get control of immigration, and gets a wall/fence on the southern border he will have accomplished more than any president has in the last hundred years. The problems that have developed as a result of the push to turn America into a socialist country may be insurmountable. There is much to do and it will take real balls to push people toward what needs to be done to keep their freedom and prosperity. A very disturbing number that I read yesterday will be hard to overcome. There are 9,700,000 more government employees than there are people working in manufacturing. Too many people at the trough and not enough producers, just like Canada.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm enjoying this far too much to even leave a rational comment.

trump acquitted himself well in his acceptance speech while the hildebeast hid in her cave.

the irony is delicious.


I'm Bill Elder and I approve this Message said...

I was channel surfing the the cable news cesspool while monitiring the election on i-net real time sites and getting commentary from "dark hearted" sources.

MSM (particularly CBC, CNN, ABC) were inaccurate and slow in showing outcomes and the narrative was all about the American voters being "misled" - still BS about Russian hacks - I turned it off at about 8:30 and went to the net.

Big winners last night:

1) The alt right is now establishment - let's see if they can do better than CINOs

2) The Alt media won as the ONLY objective reporter and diverse opinion source Dino media committed suicide this election cycle (I predict it will never recover its credibility or viewer/readers)

3) The constitution

4) The FBI - who will be purged of lakies and restored to a level of respect as they charge and prosecute the Clinton crime cartel

5) The immigration dept and border services - long abused and neglected they are now the centerpiece in making American citizenship and votes a precious exclusive right again.

6) PM Tater Tot and his band of smug suicide carbon-phobic dystopians are diminished in global importance to microscopic levels an been left behind as the globe rejects globalist commie hegemony for constitutional sovereignty and populist democracy.

Like Neo, I'm too drained from the emotion and tension of the past year and too relieved to be verbose right now - God bless America, its 45th president and its constitution.

Neo Conservative said...

amen, bill.


Martin said...

I was astonished by the ineptitude, lack of professionalism and mindless hand wringing of the CBC team last night.I watched periodically to see how bad they could perform, and still was shocked. For information I relied on CNN and Fox, and was surprised that CNN was professional and much less biased than CBC, and they actually have a stake in the outcome.
The Black LGB.. whatever woman was incredible, routinely comparing Trump to Hitler, explaining low Black voter turnout on 1870s, etc. Frum was more informed but equally unhinged at times. Mansbridge and Barton looked like they were at a car wreck, but even though they completely misread the possible outcome, were ready to speculate on Trump's cabinet appointments. If one hasn't a clue as to the mood in US, perhaps to say nothing would be better.
Barton typically stated incorrectly how Trudeau had been circumspect in not criticizing Trump; the tape of his snide remarks in May are on record probably at CBC.
Finally the whopper of the night came from Mansbridge twice, how he was the only President elect never to have held elected office or military rank. A quick check shows H Hoover in this position. But lies distortions, histrionics, $1.2B doesn't go far toward objective journalism these days.