11 November 2016

The part-time drama teacher just blinked

Looks like President-elect Trump has already started to "drain the swamp"...

"The Trudeau government has offered to renegotiate the North American free-trade agreement, a gesture of goodwill to Donald Trump."

"The immediate effort to curry favour with the president-elect less than 24 hours after the U.S. vote is a significant move to develop a co-operative relationship with a leader who is Mr. Trudeau’s political opposite."
Not content to just report the news, the "professional" journalists at the Grope & Flail have trotted out an anonymous expert to try slime Trump...
"Trump also knows the government of Canada was 100-per-cent opposed to him. So they are not starting with a position of strength."
Curiously, it's not the incoming Republican administration who just bent over and grabbed their ankles... but that doesn't stop the Globe from attempting to trash Trump.

No wonder free-thinking people are turning away from the MSM in droves.


Anonymous said...

Gee I wonder who would win here? Screw Justin. He's TOAST. How much longer?

Anonymous said...

So the tiny potato has seen the light it is on top of the "Trump Train"
The mop and pail is still slamming Trump and the majority of American voters.
They still don't get it.
The people have spoken.
They wanted real change, don't believe in climate crappola, and were sick of the 8 years of Obama.
Calling them names sneering at them while dragging HRC and her horn dog husband across the finish line was not a recipe for sucess.
Best headline of the day?
"Trump evicts black family from their home", showing a pic of the Obamas and the White House.

Martin said...

!00% opposed in the G&M readership, maybe what's left of it.Canadians don't actually vote in US elections.

Neo Conservative said...

there's a new sheriff in town.


Bill E said...

Tater Tot's "Butts snorkelers" have seem Trump's gigantic nut sack descending over their noses and they decided being a Tea Bagger is better than being punked.

Man, It's like watching a carpet wetting puppy being caught sitting in a puddle by his master - he will do as he's told because he is on the brink of a long term economic slump (has anyone in the MSM looked at our dismally slumping GDP lately? Didn't think so)and

- Tater Tot has been told by LPC oligarchs to do whatever he can to get the trade dollars back he lost by shutting down Alberta petro trade and Wynne's turning Ontario productivity into a rust belt - This is the Quebec economic oligarchy yanking the pup's chain to save their US trade. (Let's also remember in Trump's speeches he said he would make slaker NATO nations pay up before American investment or military protection)

We are seeing the end result of the insidiously stupid Librano idea they will replace high payed industrial productivity jobs with government jobs - first Government produces nothing therefore it has no valuable commodity to export to enhance our GDP. Trade relies on valuable tangible output - gummint is not a trade good, Tater Tot and Primier two-moms are about to find this out - unfortunately it is people who suffer for their utopian experimenting

Trump will make a political and economic correction on both sides of the 49th