02 November 2016

Nuff said

Hillary Clinton will lie her ass off... even while standing on sacred ground...
As a United States Senator she was in Washington D.C. at her home in Whitehaven when the first plane hit the World Trade Center.
Two words... BOSNIAN SNIPER.


Compared to the flame-throwing temperament he has demonstrated throughout his current presidential campaign, the most striking revelation of the video from September 11, 2001 — plucked exclusively at POLITICO’s request from the WWOR archives—is Trump’s composure and tone.

There is a special place in hell for the "Bleachbit(ch)."
four little words(Via Kate)

Consider yourself inspired.


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Another email chain dated August 16, 2010 shown to Abedin contained the subject line, “Re: your yahoo acct.” It appeared to warn Abedin that her Yahoo account had been hacked.

“Abedin did not recall the email and provided that despite the content of the email she was not sure that her email account had ever been compromised,” the report said.
Going down?