01 November 2016

Bimb-show or Bombshell?

Hillary's very, very bad week is about to get way, way more "penises & prostitutes" kind of interesting...bill's boy

NEW YORK – Danney Williams, the man from Little Rock, Arkansas, who has claimed since the 1990s to be the black illegitimate son of former President Bill Clinton, will hold a press conference Tuesday at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., to make an announcement his supporters characterize as a “bombshell that will rock Hillary’s campaign.”

Speakers, in addition to Williams, will include filmmaker Joel Gilbert and Dr. Randy Short, who heads the Brothers in Support of the Million Woman Movement, headquartered in Washington.

The event is scheduled to begin at noon Eastern Time in the Peter Zenger Room of the National Press Club at 529 14th Street N.W.
I'll see if I can find a livestream.


UPDATE: He wants Monica's semen-stained dress
Radar has been given a copy of a letter Williams has written to Lewinsky, which his representatives said would also be announced at a Washington DC press conference and faxed to her New York lawyer.

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...apparently some folk have more rights than others...
Our sources tell us CNN is very upset Danney Williams has made his way into the national spotlight and will do anything they can to sweep this story under the rug.

Unlike the warm treatment Trump Accusers received from the biased press, Danney was immediately attacked by the liberal female reporters for “hurting Hillary.”

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...penises, er... matters on her mind.

I mean, the FBI says they're coming for you, I guess you have to make some hellacious noise to drown that shit out...
Clinton was introduced by Bruce Blair, a former Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Launch Control Officer, who is featured in a Clinton campaign ad raising doubts about having Trump's finger on the nuclear button.

'Donald Trump would have the power to single-handedly launch a nuclear strike on his own at any time he chose with a single phone call.'
See Hillary, you'd have to be an imbecile not to know that Donald Trump is the last person in the world who would turn off the lights, the hot water, the champagne & caviar and that rotating heart-shaped bed for even one night... never mind forever.

How desperate is Hillary... you be the judge.


LAST WORD: Forget Dr Hillary Strangelove...

...let's ask someone who wouldn't kneecap their granny to be President...
Former FBI assistant director James Kallstrom says that he suspects internal disagreements within the FBI forced Director Comey to act so suddenly in the final weeks before the election.

"I think he couldn’t hold onto it any longer, because maybe the locals would have stepped in on this. And then Comey would really be in the doghouse. "

By 'locals,' Kallstrom is referring to the New York branch of the FBI, which is capable of acting relatively independently.
So, if Comey hadn't gone ahead, he would have been facing a mutiny in the FBI.

Good to know.


Bill E said...

There it is again...hear that sucking slurping sound? That's the sound of the swamp being drained.

It looks like the lower command chain is TCB because their bosses are crooks - and it would have never happened without Trump having the balls to call a swamp a swamp.

Next the media swamp. (and Soros)

Neo Conservative said...

it's true.... there was a "perfect storm" of events that have brought us to this point.

win or lose... we owe trump.


blue tech said...

"But it's just e-mails" sez a well educated acquaintance of mine...


Bill E said...

The explanation is these damaging info dumps are a coordinated couter-coup


And, I understand the NYC - FBI are a stand alone unit that was prepared to act if Comey and Lynch didn't. They were instrumental in exposing wiener and now connecting Bill and Hillary to a Epstein pedophilia ring.


Neo Conservative said...

"bluetech says... "But it's just e-mails" sez a well educated acquaintance of mine"

the willing ignorance of the masses never fails to astound me.

my wife's cousin is married to a guy (they run a multi-million dollar business out of toronto) who, despite having two teenaged sons who barely scraped through high-school and who could very easily end up on the street, wants all drugs (up to and including heroin) legalised and freely available to anyone.