12 November 2016

You can wrassle... or you can shoot...

...let's call it the "Forcillo Principle"...

"The suspect subsequently abandoned the weapons and began making his way to the exit. He grabbed hold of a customer, an 82 year old man, and held him hostage.

As he came out the doors to the rooftop parking lot of the Canadian Tire holding this hostage at knife point, he was confronted by responding police officers."

Palmer says one of those officers was stabbed in the abdomen and the neck, before police fatally shot the suspect.
This officer, for whatever reason, instead of taking the shot, was physically close enough for this homicidal thug to get a petty good piece of him. This was the wrong tactical decision.

If this officer dies, it will also be his last decision. If he survives, my guess is, he won't ever make that mistake again. I'm also guessing they'll be teaching this very scenario at Police College shortly.

If you read "Blackhawk Down", there's a point at which a soldier asks a Delta operator, "We're throwing grenades now?" The operator looks at him incredulously and responds, "They're not paying us to bring 'em back."

There's a reason cops carry firearms. It's not a fashion statement. Did this officer decide not to shoot because of all the proggies wailing about "victims rights?"


UPDATE: Well, there's your mistake right there
“We tried to use the least amount of force possible to take him into custody,” said Police Chief Adam Palmer

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
Toronto Police say the victim was stabbed inside a dance studio around 2:30 a.m. Saturday.
In other "dindu nuffin" news...
A person got out of the sedan, opened fire, then got back in and then sped off, Toronto Police Const. David Hopkinson said. No description of a suspect has yet been released and the name of the victim has not been released.
Those darned "unknown assailants"... and victims.


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...as reporters cry out, "Justin, Justin, show us your tits"...
A 21-year-old man was dropped off at the Ottawa Hospital's Civic campus after Ottawa's 60th shooting of 2016, police say.

Officers were called to the hospital at around 5:45 p.m.
Police are searching for suspects after a robbery Friday morning at a Centretown marijuana dispensary —the sixth Ottawa dispensary to be targeted by robbers in the last three months.

Robbers have allegedly threatened — and in some cases assaulted — workers at a handful of marijuana dispensaries with knives and guns.
Ah yes... cutting crime, Liberal style.


Frances said...

Neo, this was a white man from Alberta: no protests here.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... this was a white man from Alberta"

no, frances... this was a violent criminal from alberta.

it's simply that the (for now) majority community does not lose its mind every time some thug gets their horoscope changed by the long arm of the law.

that'd be one of those awful "canadian values" we've been hearing about.


Bill E said...

Awww cummon now, cut the misdirection, we all know these crime sprees are the direct result of kids in Sask and AB having access to 25 round mags for their Ruger 10/22s - let's not stray from the facts eh?

BDFT said...

If someone is dumb enough to bring a knife to a gunfight....with cops...then they deserve everything they get. It has been proven long ago that if someone gets within ten yards of you with a knife he can do serious damage very quickly. Its tough to armchair quarterback these situations but it seems like bad training and/or bad police work in general to me.

Neo Conservative said...

"bdft says... Its tough to armchair quarterback these situations"

normally, i'd agree with that statement.

here, however, we have a 380lb skell with a knife to the throat of an 82 year old hostage.

not much of a decision tree there. two well-placed rounds 40S&W and bob's your mudders brudder.

dollars to donuts, it's a mistake that particular cop won't ever make again.