24 November 2016

Dear Professor Michael... problem solved

Just follow in Barack's moms footsteps and eventually...eradicate whiteness

"A white Ivy League professor has taken to the pages of the Huffington Post to condemn her own race, declaring that she chose never to reproduce because her children would simply inherit white privilege."
Of course, that sounds a bit like eugenics... (maybe she's also a little scared of passing on that vast expanse of forehead?) but horrible problems require drastic (some might say "final") solutions, right?
Michael says that, like Dolezal, she has gone through an extensive phase of trying to eradicate her whiteness.

She lived with a black family for a time, shaved her head, and read exclusively black authors. She also lashed out at those who dared to be white without shame.
Despite all that, it seems Professor Michael hasn't been able to attract a suitable "sperm donor of colour." Perhaps her somewhat unorthodox social views have scared off males of all origins and persuasions.

Of course, for someone who swears they don't want children, she has chosen a curious life's work...
"Today, Michael’s work at Penn continues to have a very racial focus. Her core research interests include 'how white families racially socialize their children,' and her website contains handy links to materials such as '10 Quick Ways To Analyze Children’s Books For Racism And Sexism'."
Maybe it's a blessing this women isn't gonna reproduce.


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"In a sense, I am unsure about writing this column. I’m just another white boy putting my voice in a space dominated by white boys. And as we will see later, my premise is that white boys should be listening more and speaking less."
Good grief.


Bill E said...

We're due for some serious College/academic reform - I see a pathetic creature like this, obviously under the effect of some mind control conditioning (either self-actuated or peer assisted) with cult-like fanaticism, and I say enough is enough.

Any psychologist with a whisp of integrity and professionalism would say this woman has become psychologically unbalanced and deranged. With what this woman has done to herself (probably with lots of help from totalist conditioners) it amounts to a mind crime. aggressively destroying someone's mind is as criminal as doing bodily harm. - at the least she should be kept away from teaching impressionable young minds.

This communist agitated white racism social wedge needs to be addressed for what it is a true hate crime.

Neo Conservative said...

the irony here is that so many people voted for trump because they were sick and tired of people like professor michael.

the right actually owes this woman and her ilk a huge vote of thanks.


dmorris said...

The dear lady has suffered what we used to call a "nervous breakdown".
Let's hope her self loathing isn't spread to too many others.

Neo Conservative said...

sadly, here in ontario anyway, her "self-loathing" has become part of the official curriculum... jk thru grad school.

i wonder how future generations will view this crazy moment in time.


Anonymous said...

old white guy suggests..............that she immediately get psychiatric help. it may be too late but you never know.