24 November 2016

"That’s just what ISIS wants."

"You know, you raise an interesting point there, Brayden. I’ll tell you what, why don’t you invite one of your ISIS pals around the house and we’ll see how much he likes it when I slash his guts out with the turkey knife."

"You think that’s what he wants? They want us to crush them?"

"Tell me something, how did you feel when your Little League team got mercy-ruled by those country boys in the district finals? Is that what you wanted? Were you just phoning it in for the “participant” trophy?"

"Is that why you’re too afraid to shave that pathetic beard? Because that’s what ISIS wants?
I'm calling that "Trumped."


SECOND OPINION: Two words, Buttercup...

...Clinton... Foundation

How can lefties be so oblivious?
"Surely no friend of the free market wants a president who could use his power and influence to push others, including foreign governments, to make decisions that would enrich him."
The irony abounds.